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Airstream Living

Check out this video of a guy who lives in an airstream.  He has some interesting things about building and living in tiny spaces.

The True Cost Of Gas

This is an eye opening video on the true costs of gas.  With this knowledge there is yet another reason for transitioning to alternative energies.

Tiny Space Cellars

I found this interesting cellar that was originally designed to store wine, but it occurred to me that it would be a great way to put your bulk storage in a very unobtrusive space.  Jay Schaffer talks about how ever person needs about 100 cubic feet of bulk storage for those things that you need, but don’t use often.  For me this bulk storage is going to be my backpacking equipment (one of those things you can’t go backpacking without it, but you don’t use it a whole lot) and tools I used to build the Tiny House.  The possibilities are really interesting when it comes to bulk storage, but one thing I really want to make sure is that these items are out of sight, that you don’t have them clutter your everyday space, a solution like this would be great!



Owl’s Clover Mini Cabin

Penny Pincher Cabins has a few tiny houses that they make, you can buy this 200 square foot house for around $2000 for the shell and then finish it on your own.  The company will design houses to sit atop a slab or a basement, even provide stamped plans.  They have a bunch of options that you can add to your house and I like the designs.


Green Tram Tiny House

Today we have a converted tram that has all the necessities of home.  The tram is 11 meters, 22 feet, and was finished in 2011.  These trams are part of a bed and breakfast that you can stay at for 250 euros a night.  It’s located in the Netherlands and has an eclectic collection vehicles that you can stay in from a UFO to a plane, its a pretty interesting place.

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