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Monthly archive for May 2011

How Many People Are There?

I found this interesting video about population which brings up an issue that I have covered before.  You can read my post that there was some controversy over here.  Before you watch the video, ask yourself, how many people live in this world?  After the video you can’t but wonder how we are going to meet this challenge and how it will effect you and your every day lives.

Lego Apartment

So this is pretty neat apartment, I like his idea of having the bathroom be part of the design.  The bed under the patio is another stroke of genius!  Check out this small apartment that has a lot to offer! The other thing I really like is the hidden compartment in the shower to hide the shampoo etc, brings a nice Zen aspect to it, but I do wonder if he ventilates inside to keep it dry.

Have Tiny Houses Hit The Mainstream?

I found this great video about new housing complex that are getting built right now that are intentionally small, 360 square feet small.  They are designed to meet the demand for downsized housing in the Portland area.  It begs the questions, have Tiny Houses hit the mainstream, or is Portland its own microcosm?

Rapid Deployment Housing

Many of you who have been reading for a while have noticed my fascination with post-disaster housing and here we are again.  This isn’t an actual house, but it has the potential to be one, the best part is that they can be easily stacked and deployed.  Imagine in you had two trucks: the first carried the containers, the second had cots, water barrels and solar powered lights and other basics (food, small stove, first aid kit, etc.  Outside of the whole housing idea, it is a pretty ingenious way to revolutionize shipping.

And the real life demo:


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