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Monthly archive for May 2010

Covert Gardening

So I may have mentioned that I have been working on launching a community garden.  What is interesting is that most of the people who come to me to garden because their neighborhoods don’t allow gardens.  Yes, that’s right, the Home Owners Associations prohibit it.  Even when it is behind the house.  I know this isn’t the case in all or most of them, but it is beginning to become a trend (at least here in Charlotte, NC).  It is kinda scary how powerful HOA’s are becoming.  The rules for the neighborhood I regretfully live in, is about 75 pages for the core document (with additional sub documents).  To compound this issue, in North Carolina HOA’s are extremely powerful legally.

HOA’s can actually push someone into foreclosure!  They can impose leins on property, they have the right to fine and other major powers.  Now I am very much for an open forum among neighbors and having basic protections.  For example I don’t want abandoned cars on blocks laying around, I want the grass to be cut when needed and other types of rules.  But When I can’t have a 100 square foot vegetable garden located behind my house, where it isn’t visible from the street and it is kept neat and presentable;  that seems unreasonable.

This is something that many people come to the community garden for.  Because they want to have control of their food, but aren’t allowed to. So what do I have to do?  Well I have a covert garden where even my neighbors have a hard time seeing it, not to mention you can’t see it from the street.  When I wanted to expand I was forced to start a whole community garden for this purpose!

What is it like in your area?  Should this be something that is allowed?

Municipal Codes

I thought I would share this great resource with you all.  Some of our greatest frustrations with Tiny Houses is taking Tiny Living principles and getting them to work within the paradigm of the status quo.  One such difficulty is municipal codes.  I just found this website while researching the legality of raising chickens in my city.  So check it out for the place you call home and let me know how comprehensive it is!


Community Gardens

Hey all, I wanted to reach out and get some support from you all.  I work for a non-profit and I am working to start 10 new community gardens by submitting my idea to Pepsi’s “Refresh Everything” campaign.  Basically I have my idea, you all vote for it once a day, every day and if I have enough votes to be in the top ten projects, I will get the funding.

Go here to vote once a day, every day!


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