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Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home

This Tiny House is a Interesting Modern twist on a Mobile Trailer Home.  With metal clad sides of Steel, Zinc and Titanium, seems a bit overkill.  The ends are covered with some rich woods and the whole thing is mobile. This house is under 400 feet.

The story is much the same on the inside: synthetic stone-toned tiles and natural wooden flooring, walls and ceiling slats make it feel like a clean, compact and modern cabin. Minimalist fixtures and the copious use of room-warming wood are reminiscent of North European architecture built for cold climates – saunas and sweat lodges normally constructed to heat you up but not for nomadic living.


The Renter’s Manifesto

One of my favorite new websites is called Mint.com.  Basically it is a financial website that allows you to manage your money, but it also has this amazing blog.  I have now vowed to never rent if can avoid it.  I have been there, done that and found it that the outcome was less than desirable especially compared to that of living in a Tiny House.

The bloggers over at Mint have put out an interesting article about renting, they propose that they are in fact better off renting.  The big assertion they make is that if you are modest renter, who can manage your budget, that it is actually better at building equity.  By paying less than a mortgage, saving the difference and not assuming the risks, you can do better.

What do you all think?

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Driving Habits vs Gas Prices

How Much Energy

So I found this neat interactive graphic that allows you to determine how much power what you have in your house is used.  Now obviously this is an estimation, but it is still pretty neat.  I will allow you to calculate the dollars spent on it, how many hours you can operate an appliance on 1 kw of power etc.  Check it out.

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